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Options for the Future

I have finally reached that point in my life where it is time to think about the future. It feels like just last week I was in high school worrying about what college I was going to get into, and now I’m already looking ahead to majors and career opportunities. Although I am just one semester into my freshman year at Villanova University, it is never too early to look ahead. I recently attended the Majors Fair that took place in Bartley Hall. I had the opportunity to meet with many faculty and department chair members as they explained to me the different majors, co-majors, and minors that are offered at the school. Unlike many of my peers, I went into the fair having little idea of what interested me for the future. One thing was clear to me: I always enjoyed analyzing numbers and data, which lead me to the business analytics table. I got the opportunity to talk to a senior in the business school who is currently taking Business Analytics as a minor. She told me about the many classes that are offered that dive deeper into the topic as well as the potential jobs that could come out of it.

She also talked to me about the classes she took and her preparedness for internships in her junior year. I learned that she felt more prepared than others that did not attend Villanova and that many of the skills she needed were gone over in depth, but at the same time she had to learn a lot on the spot at her internship. After finishing my conversation, I then went to some other tables to learn about possible majors. My goal was to just get a little bit of knowledge so that I could know about possible courses and career paths that could be taken with each. One major that really caught my eye was finance. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise as both my parents are involved in the finance field, but the faculty member I talked with showed me many courses that caught my interest. Although some of the information went way over my head, it seemed that there were a plethora of career paths that came out of a finance major. Corporate Finance particularly interested me, especially the idea of investing and funding decisions that help other businesses grow. I also got an opportunity to go to the marketing and economics table where I learned more about what those majors entail. All in all I found this event incredibly helpful as I was able to learn more about my options for the future. I am more at ease now with the fact that I am not sure what direction I want to move towards in the future because I know there are many options and I will have a strong support system behind me. This is an event I recommend to all freshman as it provides a clear image of what the future holds and what majors are available to us.


Published by Ishan Varma

I am a freshman at the University of Villanova.

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